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Jason lost ball at neighbor house

Jason has lost his ball at neighbor house! He wants it back, but the neighbor took it. Jason has to find the secret key to get his ball back in this adventure story of the neighbor.

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The Lost Ball

-I was not intending to copy Knox with this claymation. Please do me a favor and stop whining about it, 'kay?\r
A claymation inspired by Knox of Knox's Korner fame. The clay guys lose their ball and are trying to get it back! Maybe the Magic Cow can help them...?
Elijah Melrinn Rodis : Nostalgia
hello cat : Emma the dog
dannycookie : "Why'd you guys get all the cool injuries?! I look like I have a corset on!"
My favorite part of the video.
alec bradley : Klay World Bootleg!
Steven Buck : Was that a reference to funny sticks at 4:41 ?
Sullivan but not Sullivan : Robert would be proud.
Natalie Ayala : Awesome
Mike Torres : Rip off of klay world I think
Decept_ion : I love this because It's like Knox's but it's different. I did read the description.
Blackburn11 : DUDE I see Capsela pieces... wow

Pingu and the Lost Ball [VHS] (1998)

Hit Entertainment only entirely owns Pingu, not me.


#lost ball


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